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The 4 Major Benefits of Shutters

More and more homeowners are turning to exterior shutters, as the benefits are many, with affordable bespoke solutions that complement any property. Aluminium roller shutters provide you with total security, along with sound and thermal insulation, and with such attractive designs, they also add character to the home.

If you have never considered exterior shutters, here are just a few reasons why it makes sense:

  1. The Ultimate in Home Security — According to research, the majority of house burglaries involve a forced break in through a window, and with aluminium roller shutters, you have more than enough protection against intrusion. The units cover the entire window and incorporate a self-locking mechanism that even the bravest of burglars would avoid. At nights you will sleep peacefully, knowing that your windows are impenetrable, and those extended breaks will take on a whole new meaning without the worry of a break in at home.
  2. Noise Reduction — We are all subjected to a range of exterior noises, and being very adaptable, humans can easily filter some of these sounds out, and after a while, they are almost unnoticeable. For some people, it only becomes apparent how much noise there was, after they have had roller shutters fitted, as the interior becomes much quieter. Some urban areas are quite noisy, and weekends can often be affected by the neighbours mowing the lawn, or workmen carrying out essential repairs in the street.
  3. Thermal Properties — Exterior roller shutters will make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the hot summer months, as the extra layer will prevent heat transfer in either direction. Your a/c will get a welcome rest and your heating bills will reflect the excellent insulating properties of roller shutters. The great thing with roller shutters is they are fully adjustable, with motorised solutions making movement effortless, and in the winter, you can open the shutters to allow the sunlight in, and by closing then in the afternoon, your house will not lose as much heat.
  4. Light Control — This is one area where roller shutters come out on top, as with fine adjustment, it is possible to attain perfect light. The sun is constantly changing position and shutters allow for easy adjustment whenever you want a little more shade. You might want to watch that DVD epic on a hot afternoon, and although your blinds are efficient, they can’t give you total darkness. Roller shutters, on the hand, can be fully closed and you can relax in the middle of the day and watch your film.

Our range of products offer the homeowner options, and as the name suggests, at Half Price Shutters we believe in value for money and are always happy to work to the client’s budget, so if you are thinking about upgrading your home security, contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.

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