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Clothes Maketh the Man


Just as clothes may be used for a variety reasons, we can “dress” our home or commercial property to achieve the same purposes.

With clever consultation with one of our experienced staff, combined with a selection from the vast range of Half Price Shutters’ outdoor shutters, blinds and decorative screens, you can take control of your Commercial and Residential Real Estate, to really “maketh” an impact.

Temperature Control: Cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter, external and internal window furnishings help you adjust the ambient temperature of your home or office.

Privacy and Noise: Controlling the ability of neighbours and passers-by to see in to your home empowers your privacy.  Sturdy blinds also help reduce external noise coming into and leaving your home.

Security: Outdoor roller blinds are one of the biggest deterrants for burglaries and home invasions.  Your commercial property will benefit significantly if you choose to protect your valuable stock and infrastructure with our range of products.

Light Control: Controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, influences the time of day you awake as well as the comfort levels for viewing screens and affecting eyesight.

Design and Style: To enhance the aesthetics of a building, give a fresh facelift, provide a contemporary brand image or just a colour adjustment, Half Price Shutters have a range of options to suit every budget and need.

Surprising prices with up to 60 months interest free   *conditions apply

Half Price Shutters offer interest-free up to 60-month, flexible payment options to help you improve your privacy and discernment with unannounced visitors.   That’s up to a 5 year payment plan option which is almost twice the term of closest competitors!

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Burglar Proof Your Home

For great advice to secure your home, why not turn to the expert advice or professional thieves? We combine insights from self-confessed career criminals with some cost-effective tips to create a guide that:

  • Shares what thieves look for in an easy target
  • Shares creative ways to protect your home without sacrificing style
  • Comes with a safety checklist for those lock-up-&-go mornings