By: West Coast Online / 15 September 2019


When you’re looking for a home security solution, it can sometimes feel like you’re skirting on the edge of a swamp — prospecting burglars like salties at your feet and impatient salespeople like mozzies hungry to cash in on your concerns. Because we take your peace of mind seriously, we’ve put together a summary of why roller shutters could cut through the noise and be your best, most cost-effective option.    


High quality roller shutters are made from aluminium. This makes them incredibly hard-wearing and low maintenance. Relatively unaffected by rust and the wear and tear of extreme weather, they’re perfect for homes on Australia’s coast.


TOP TIP: Source your shutters from a trusted company that’s also experienced with service and maintenance for those rare times your shutters need a little TLC.


Total Coverage

Thieves are most likely to enter through doors and windows. Roller shutters are a security solution that’s custom fitted to protect the entire window. Those from Half Price Shutters additionally come with an auto-lock feature for extra peace of mind.


Multiple benefits

One of the best things about choosing roller shutters for home security is that they provide many additional benefits. High quality shutters that are expertly installed block out up to 100% light and significantly reduce noise to make daytime sleep a dream. They’re also one of the best ways to protect your home from storm and fire damage.


TOP TIP: Install shutters that are CSIRO rated to protect home contents from the ambient heat caused by bushfires.  


Ease of use

To top it all off, modern technology makes it easy to keep your home safe with the touch of a button. Roller shutters can be automated and remote-controlled, so you’re able to close them in a jiffy as the last thing you do before nodding off to sleep.


While investing in security shutters as your home security solution can seem like the obvious next step, the trick is to find a trusted supplier who will put your needs first. Half Price Shutters is one such company. With more than 20 years under our belt as a family business, we’re committed to providing you with security shutters that keeps your loved ones and valuables safe. We back this up with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed returns policy. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote whenever you’re ready. Yep, you heard right! We won’t nag like a door-to-door salesmen as lethal to your temper as a mozzie that whizzes past your ear just as you’re about to doze off. We’re here for when you’re ready.

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