5 Ways Half Price Shutters Provide Home Security

By: West Coast Online / 15 September 2019



You can bet your bottom dollar that wherever people are found in large numbers, there’ll be some form of crime. While burglaries are unfortunately common, one of the best ways to deter scouting criminals is by installing security shutters from a trusted provider. Here are 5 reasons roller shutters installed by Half Price Shutters can be your best home security investment.

Shutters can make vandalism disappear

Amateur graffiti can make your beloved home unsightly overnight. More seriously, troublemakers often look at unprotected windows and find them irresistible target practice for flying objects. Leaving your home unattended with your roller shutters down means you can rest assured you’re safe from the threat of a smashed window. And graffiti? If you wake up to find yourself the target of a wannabe Banksy, all you need to do is roll your shutters up to make the midnight markings disappear.    

TOP TIP: Half Price Shutters have a dedicated service and repairs department to help restore your shutters to pristine conditions.

Shutters keep it in the family

Would-be burglars often identify their next target by looking through windows, especially at night when your lights make it possible to see home contents clearly from far away. Keeping your shutters down while you’re out of town and after dark makes you the least appetising target for miles around, as the rewards for breaking and entering are uncertain.

TOP TIP: If you’ve popped out and forgotten to close your shutters, you’re in luck! Half Price Shutters offer automated, remote- and app-controlled* shutters — so you can secure your home at a distance.

Shutters are your silent protector

If you have a busy household and frequent overnight guests, an active alarm system means you’ll be dealing with the noise of unwittingly tripped alarms day and night. Security shutters are guaranteed not to disturb your peace or be accidentally activated. Because roller shutters offer such great protection, you’ll still sleep deeply leaving the alarm off on the nights you’re entertaining guests overnight.

PS: The Half Price Shutters team are silent too, except when spoken to. Unlike your average salesperson who’ll disturb you uninvited, we know you’ll reach out to us when you’re ready.

Shutters are convenient   

Thanks to modern technology, your roller shutters can be automated and remotely controlled for added convenience. Their auto lock feature also means that they stay shut when rolled down, and burglars would need nothing short of a crowbar to gain entry.

TOP TIP: Speak to us about signing up for interest-free finance. We’ve partnered with Zip Money so you gain the added convenience of spreading your costs over time.

Shutters provide total protection

Expertly fitted security shutters provide better protection than burglar bars, especially if you’re away for long periods of time. With your shutters down it will take a burglar little short of an angle grinder to break through, and chances are they’d rather skip your home in favour of an easier target.

If it’s not the burglars with the angle grinders or your guests tripping the alarm, that racket at your door is most likely to be a door-to-door salesman waiting for your attention. We’ll never disturb your peace like that! Contact us when you’re ready to ramp up your security and we’ll be happy to chat.

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