5 ways to thwart burglars and increase home security

By: West Coast Online / 29 June 2019



Burglary is that especially painful form of theft that also involves someone breaking and entering into your family home. Whether you’re safely tucked behind high security walls or still connect to your neighbourhood with an open garden, chances are you’ll be on a burglar’s radar at least once before the year is out. Here are 5 essential things you need to know about the burglar’s mind to help you increase home security:

Position, position, position!

Thieves prefer targeting apparently deserted neighbourhoods and working at quiet times of day. Burglar-proofing begins with being smart about choosing where you live. Find a property that offers your desired level of privacy and quiet, but lies in a vibrant community that’s rarely empty of pedestrians. Alternatively, choose a property that’s located close to central traffic to ensure criminals will always be observed. You can always counter the extra noise and you’ll save yourself a ton of worry!

Know your neighbours

If you’re already settled somewhere, there’s plenty you can do without needing to relocate. Build meaningful connections with your community and get to know your neighbours. This doesn’t mean you need to live in each other’s pockets, but having the ability to call on them when you’re on vacation and need an extra pair of eyes on your place can go a long way.  

Keep up appearances

One way a good neighbour can help you out is by parking their car in your driveway, or picking up the mail if you’re out of town for a couple of days. This gives the impression that someone is home regularly. Thieves are more likely to target houses that appear empty or unloved, so add a maintenance schedule to your plans! Invest in an annual lick of paint, keep your lawns trimmed and cover the fact that you’re away if you’re a regular out-of-towner.

Go incognito

A surefire way to announce your home as a target is to post your whereabouts on social media. Thieves regularly trawl profiles to find out who's slipped off to Bali for a couple of weeks. Rather keep your holiday photo uploads for well after you’ve returned or share them with your loved ones via private message.

Run a tight ship

Tie up loose ends each time you leave your home unattended. Being meticulous with your habits won’t take much time. Make your home the least appetizing hit for miles around by packing up loose tools and toys in your garden, ensuring your doors and windows are locked and your security shutters are rolled down.

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