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Affordable Security Measures for Your Small Shop

April 28, 2015

Small businesses are more favoured targets for break-ins and burglary than private properties. With more cash and products stored on the premises, they are more inviting to thieves. It does not help that the common notion is that small stores are generally more vulnerable and likelier to have lax… Read more »

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Adding Style to Your Shutters

April 10, 2015

Shutters will never go out of style. The sophisticated vibe it adds to the interiors or the exteriors of a homemakes it a must-have feature for homeowners that want a classic but contemporary look. Although these fixtures are stylish in and of itself, some homeowners still want to step up their… Read more »

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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Window Treatments

April 06, 2015

Houses aren’t complete without windows, more so without window treatments. These openings on the walls are the entry point of natural light and air, making your home more energy-efficient and save a lot of money. With window treatments, you can control the amount of light and air that comes in and… Read more »

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