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The Role of Lighting and Ambiance in Your Business Establishment

July 22, 2015

The experience your customers get from visiting your establishment is one that they will always remember your brand by. Read more »

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Improve Daytime Sleep with the Right Window Treatment

July 08, 2015

Your job requires you to work at night. You’re trying hard to finish your tasks while the rest of the world is sleeping comfortably. Your exercise and eating habits have changed. Worse, you often can’t have a good sleep after a tiring day at work. Read more »

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How Shutters Make Your Kitchen Homier

July 06, 2015

You always come home to home cooked meals. Ultimately, your kitchen is a large part of your home’s overall “homey” feel. Maybe it is the scent that you always remember, but surely it’s the way it looks that you will never forget. Read more »

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