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Lifestyle Screens: A Stylish Way to Extend Your Living Spaces

January 15, 2016

No matter how large your house may be, there will come a time when you’ll feel like it’s just too small for you to live in anymore. Not everyone has the option to simply move or construct another room at a whim, so you need to be a bit more creative if you’re planning to extend your living spaces. Read more »

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Plantation Shutters: Permanent Fixtures that are More than just for Looks

January 12, 2016

External and internal shutters have been a staple in Australian homes for many years now, and while most people get them solely for aesthetic purposes, they do more than just improve the visual appeal of the property. These window furnishings are a long-term solution to addressing lighting and… Read more »

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Know Your Enemy: Fly Facts and How to Keep the Pests Out of the House

January 07, 2016

Studies show that flies are among the most common pests in the house. There are different species of flies; some are more common than others and are attracted to different environments. Getting to know more about these house pests can help homeowners effectively get rid of them. Read more »

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