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Living Without Light: Why Having The Choice Makes A Difference

November 23, 2018

Living in darkness isn’t only reserved for vampires — there are plenty of ways that having the choice to limit your exposure to light can expand your quality of life at home, without inspiring a desire to live off blood. Here are 4 ways having the choice to live without light can make every day… Read more »

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Come Home to Peace and Quiet at the End of a Long Day

November 16, 2018

  Knowing you’ll be coming home to peace and quiet makes even the most stressful working days tolerable. When you’re based in an urban centre, it’s even more important to invest time proactively into making your home your castle. No matter how big or small, here are 4 ways you can turn your home… Read more »

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Protecting Your Baby's Naptime

November 09, 2018

If you’re caring for young children, you know how a disrupted nap can cause havoc with their moods and your evening. Good-quality naptime for babies and children needs to be so well-protected, you’d be forgiven for thinking naps are holy. With noise reducing shutters, you can ensure that baby naps… Read more »

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