Beautiful Home Security: A Dream Come True

By: West Coast Online / 15 September 2019



Rising crime rates mean you’re often pressed into lifestyle choices that would be unnecessary in a peaceful world. Locking your doors when you leave can be a drag, but nothing hurts more than having to sacrifice your home’s look and feel for the sake of safety. In this blog post, we’ll share five hacks that keep burglars at bay — without asking you to sacrifice on style along the way (or break the bank).

Get your green fingers involved

Strategic gardening can go a long way in making your home unappetising to scouting thieves. Combine your conventional landscaping considerations with a security consciousness. While too many bushes can give thieves convenient places to hide, thieves think twice before entering windows with thorny bushes or cacti planted underneath them. Gravel pathways are low maintenance too, and are so loud that thieves abhor them. Consider designing in a fairly wide gravel pathway that subtly circles the entire house, much like a water-wise Aussie version of a Medieval moat!  

Become a pro at pretending you’re home  

Faking occupancy is one of the best ways to thwart all but the most determined burglar. While some hacks are easy to catch out, like the repeated voice recording of someone answering a door, others keep your home looking fresh and busy even if you’re away on extended vacation. Let neighbours park in your driveway, hang a load of washing on the line (get someone to rotate it!), arrange to have your lawn mowed, and put your lights on a timer. These all indicate to a passing burglar that nothing is out of the ordinary.

Form alliances with the animal kingdom

More than anything, burglars detest a racket. Making it know that your household includes a fair amount of noisy animals makes your home less likely to be a target — parrots are great if a loved one’s allergies means dogs are out of the question. Fear is also never a lost tactic, if done well. While most people these days are habituated to dogs, it wouldn’t hurt to let it out that you’ve started keeping snakes, and regale your neighbours with stories of how often they escape… Just a thought.

Shore up your perimeters

Walls and fences flush with thorn trees needn’t look hideous or uninviting. Invest some time in strengthening your perimeter security in a way that suits the architecture of your house. Plant a beautiful hedge right next to your perimeter wall or fence that, on closer inspection, is made up of the thorniest, toughest variations of Australian flora — from acacia to cacti. For some extra security, consider installing motion sensor lights in strategic areas. With blockout shutters installed, you won’t lose sleep from the extra light and burglar’s steer clear fearing exposure.

Secure your doors and windows

Your windows and doors are your home’s weakest points. Ensuring you always leave them securely locked gives scouting thieves the impression you’re keeping a firm grip on your home security. Solid doors are always best, as well as windows that can be securely fastened. Installing security shutters has the added advantage of covering the entire window, and they come with an auto-lock feature. This eliminates the risk of the more determined variety of thief breaking exposed glass for entry.

Some door-to-door salesmen work so hard to get into your house you could be forgiven for mistaking them for burglar’s too! That’s why Half Price Shutters only puts their office kettle on when you come to call. Get in touch to learn more about how roller shutters can play a part in a home security ecosystem that respects the finer points of style.

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