Come Home to Peace and Quiet at the End of a Long Day

By: West Coast Online / 23 May 2019

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Knowing you’ll be coming home to peace and quiet makes even the most stressful working days tolerable. When you’re based in an urban centre, it’s even more important to invest time proactively into making your home your castle. No matter how big or small, here are 4 ways you can turn your home into a stronghold that keeps you safe and gets you recharging in no time.

Embrace Simplicity and Elegance

A few conscious design choices can go a long way to soaking your space in a sense of peacefulness. This can mean taking things out, rather than adding anything new.  Embrace simplicity and elegance by getting rid of clutter and making design choices that prioritise a peaceful, grounded atmosphere. Looking to Zen or Feng Shui design principles can be helpful if you’re stuck for inspiration, but finding your own style is often just about making the space for it to grow naturally. Get rid of the clutter, and go from there!

Do As You Can

You don’t need to submit your home for an episode of Grand Designs Australia to turn your place into a rejuvenating base. If you’re short on time and money, you can still fortify your home against urban stressors by starting with basics, and doing things gradually. Whenever you’re due for routine maintenance, for instance, take the opportunity to make infrastructural choices that help keep the chaos out. Paint your walls in calming colours, when you need to give your interior a lick of paint, or install noise reducing shutters when your windows need some maintenance.

Invest in Your Bedroom

Good, restful sleep is at the heart of feeling great. Focus on restoring a sense of calm into your bedroom, and wake up ready to tackle the world every time. Some things you could do include ensuring you’re able to block out light (roller shutters are great for this, by the way), and eliminating unnecessary electronics from your bedroom.  

Bring Nature Indoors

We definitely don’t mean inviting in those kangaroos running loose in the paddock next door! Tapping into the calming influence of nature can be as simple as investing in a few low-maintenance fish or hardy house plants. If you’re often away from home, you could invoke the same feeling by showcasing high-quality silk plants and flowers in a few key areas of the house. Unlike fish, you’d never have to feed them, and you could easily cover them in sheets to protect them from dust while you’re on extended trips.

The key to a calm home is to reduce noise from the outside. Installing roller shutters can help you reduce noise in more than just the literal sense — they’ll take care of “visual noise” as well by blocking out the light (and the neighbours) when you need the space to regroup in private. And because we pride ourselves on respecting your sanctity, you won’t find us bashing down your door like some pesky salespeople who’ve misinterpreted your quest to invite nature in as an opportunity to walk through your door like the clingier types of local wildlife. Contact us at your convenience, and let’s chat about how roller shutters can help you make home a place you long to come back to at the end of a long day.

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