Good Sleep is Amazing, Here's How to Make it Happen

By: Latest News / 23 May 2019
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Without good sleep your health and productivity suffer so much that some universities are studying its use as a medicine. It can be difficult to attend to the many small things that ensure a peaceful night’s sleep — especially if you’re based at home and caring for children. These 4 tips make it easier for you to be well-rested by the time your alarm rings each morning.   

Limit your exposure to tech

Cutting down on your screen time helps you sleep better. The blue light emitted by screens disrupts your body’s ability to turn in for the night. If you can’t go on a full digital detox, you could set simpler boundaries like maintaining a technology-free bedroom and committing to no screen exposure for at least 2 hours before you intend to crawl in. If you’re needing to burn that midnight oil, apps like f.lux can go a long way to filtering out the more harmful effects of your favourite “Black Mirror”.

Regulate the room temperature

Everybody is different, but chances are you’ll be sleeping best at around 16-18°C. Anything above 24°C will lead to restlessness, and if you’re too cold (below 12°C) it will be hard to drop off. In Australia, that means you’re likely pumping up the aircon in summer. With some smart home improvements, like adding insulated shutters, you can keep your electricity costs down while still safeguarding your shut eye. Roller shutters are great helps with house temperature control — keeping things cool in summer and warm during winter.

Keep light and sound to a minimum

Even on the outskirts of the city, it can be almost impossible to get some peace and quiet when you need to rest. While the sun politely sets every night, urban lights and noises can be relentless. Finding ways to defend your home from the intrusion of unwanted light and sound is key to a good quality sleep. With roller shutters, you could easily block out up to 100% of the light and ambient noise — at any time of day. By blocking out the light and noise, you ensure your Sunday morning lie-in isn’t in danger of being ruined by the sounds of the neighbours lawn-mower!

Set some regular habits

Essentially: make tea. It’s a deceptively simple trick (and you don’t even have to drink it). Creating a simple routine for yourself before you intend to turn-in will help signal to your body that it’s time to calm things down — even after a very rough day or at an unusual time. Your routine could be a complex series of activities, involving baths, beds and “nodcasts”, or you could simply treat yourself to a mindfully made cup of tea and a good book. The key is to keep things regular.

We’d love to chat to you about how roller shutters can help secure you a limitless amount of shut eye, but we’d hate to stumble in on a nap. Rather than knock on your door like some of the more caffeinated salesmen out there, we’d prefer if you’d contact us when you’re ready. We might even whip out the tea and biscuits!

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