Living Without Light: Why Having The Choice Makes A Difference

By: West Coast Online / 23 May 2019

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Living in darkness isn’t only reserved for vampires — there are plenty of ways that having the choice to limit your exposure to light can expand your quality of life at home, without inspiring a desire to live off blood. Here are 4 ways having the choice to live without light can make every day feel like a fresh adventure.

Ensure Good Sleep

Your brain’s pineal gland produces a hormone called melatonin, which is responsible for (among other things) your feeling sleepy. Sleeping in rooms polluted by ambient light disrupts your ability to produce sufficient amounts of melatonin — so your body never gets the clear message that you’re sleeping. This plays havoc with your health, and your ability to focus on the job. Being able to control the light levels in your room at any time of day or night, helps guarantee that you’ll get peaceful sleep. Products like roller shutters or block out curtains eliminate up to 100% external light, which means you can sleep properly  even during the day.

Create Space for Your Hobbies

The beauty of blockout shutters (as opposed to block out curtains), is in their versatility. This one home improvement expands your living possibilities so much that it becomes one of the most cost-effective alterations you can do! And they’re so reliable you can use them for light-sensitive work. For instance, if you’re an avid amateur film photographer, you’ll be able to set up a darkroom at the fraction of the cost — especially if you’re willing to keep that room as a multipurpose space.  

Entertain in Peace and Quiet

With blockout shutters you’re able to let the world in when you choose to. This choice makes all the difference. Bringing the outdoors in can be a good way to create a sense of peacefulness at home, but not when there’s a raging storm outside or it’s in the middle of summer! Being able to manage the levels of outside light means you guarantee your Netflix binges are free of the glare of streetlights or sunlight.

Keep Costs Down

Controlling light levels can be the same as controlling the heat. With roller shutters, you can save on electricity costs as your shutters do the cooling for you — they keep the heat out during the hot summer days, and keep the cool night air in. That way, you can rest assured you’ll not be returning home to a furnace.

Chat to us at Half Price Shutters if you’d like to learn more how roller shutters help make your living experience a product of choice. We guarantee to delight you with outstanding service that never pushes you into buying something you either don’t need or are not ready for. So reach out when you’re ready, and we’ll help turn the light on about the pleasures of living in the dark

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