Our top 5 Stranger-than-fiction burglary stories

By: West Coast Online / 15 September 2019



We all need some light reading every now and then, and it’s no different here in the office of Half Price Shutters. We search for ways to understand burglars better every day because it makes sure we keep improving our security shutters and you stay better protected, affordably. Sometimes we come across stories that are too unexpected not to share — here are our current favourites:

When you choose the wrong house

In 2005, a burglar broke into a home only to find themselves become an unexpected work of art. William Ellis Green, the Victorian editorial cartoonist, called the police after confronting the man and provided them with a caricature that was used to apprehend the man soon afterwards. — Source

Koala beats croc

Thieves burgled the Rockhampton zoo in 2006, apparently intending to exchange the stolen wildlife for drugs. Their original plan to steal a koala was foiled by the cranky marsupial’s unwillingness to play along — scratching the would-be abductors so badly they decided to steal a freshie instead! — Source

An unexpected haul

Another story on the dangers of drugs, and this time from the USA. In 2011, teenage burglars stole two urns as part of their haul and mistook the ashes of a man and his dogs for cocaine — snorting some of it before realising their mistake. Florida police got to the bottom of the story, literally, when they apprehended the suspected thieves during a second burglary attempt. Turns out the urns were dumped in a lake and police divers were left to attempt recovery. — Source     

The theft of the golden cookie

One of the things German biscuit company Bahlsen is famous for, is the giant golden Leibniz biscuit that hangs over the entrance to its headquarters in Hannover. In 2013 this precious biscuit was lifted from its home and held ransom by someone dressed as the Cookie Monster! It was returned, wrapped in a red bow, once Bahlen paid the price of donating 1000 Leibniz cookies to 52 social institutions. — Source

When kindness goes a long way

In 2017, burglars in Melbourne stole an eight-week-old labrador puppy called Sasha… and then returned her! The intruders bundled Sasha up in and amongst the usual haul of electronics and jewellery, but dropped her into the garden a few days later after her story made national news. Aside from a curious new fascination with shoes, Sasha was absolutely fine. — Source

While these stories managed to lift our spirits back at the office, we know that burglary is no joke. That’s why we’ve spent the last 20 years growing our family business to supply Perth with the best quality, affordable security shutters. We’ll never arrive unannounced though: contact us when you’re ready. In the meantime, why not get into the minds of the more common types of burglar and improve your home security by learning what they look for in a target? We’ve put together a guide to burglar-proofing your home that does just that — find it here.


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