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Stay Snug as a Bug With Roller Shutters

October 05, 2018

   Global warming, El Niño, the luck of the draw… While others are splitting hairs about the reasons behind it, chances are you’re on the ground dealing with the hard fall-out of Western Australia’s winter storms. We know that our coastal storms are unmatched in their ferocity, so we’ve dedicated… Read more »

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Tiny Hacks that Take the Pain out of Childcare

October 02, 2018

Children are sacred — when else are we as innocent, optimistic and kindhearted as in childhood? Not only do they insure we survive as a human species, but they also shine their lights so brightly they give us hope in the sometimes desolate circumstances of the 21st century. As a community situated… Read more »

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5 tips for worry-free retirement living

September 26, 2018

  Looking towards your retirement years can be exciting for some, and daunting for others. With a little mindful planning, however, there’s a lot you can do to take the stress away from this impending change in your lifestyle. We share 5 tips that will help ensure your retirement living is… Read more »

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Safeguard your Home and Your Health While at Work

September 21, 2018

  Protect your home and health while you’re at work. Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? Even stranger is that quality roller shutters are a part of your solution. How do roller shutters help you safeguard your home and your health, all while you’re away? The key lies in stress reduction. Read more »

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Protect your home from adverse weather with Storm Shutters

September 20, 2018

    Western Australians are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. If we’re not dealing with the fact that we’re living in a desert, we’re on the coast and bracing ourselves to survive coastal storms. Add a regular share of bushfires to the equation and soon enough you face the challenge of… Read more »

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Quality roller shutters are value for money

September 18, 2018

    The economy is in a crunch, crime is on the rise, and when reading world news, anybody could be forgiven for thinking we’re living through an apocalypse. Our main concerns have evolved: we’re now constantly having to find ways of keeping ourselves, our assets and our loved ones safe from… Read more »

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Keep safe & sound with security shutters

September 17, 2018

Imagine a healthy world — where everyone lives in harmony. It’s crime free, there are no addictions, all the people sharing all the world*.... It’s a great idea. But while we’re still working on it, you can protect your family and home from unwanted intrusions with roller shutters.   Read more »

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Control temperature in your home with Roller Shutters

September 14, 2018

In a country as big as a continent, one thing you have to be ready for is temperature variation. Australia’s landscape is majestic, but things can get hairy (especially on the coast). One minute you’re wrapping up tight against the cold of winter, and the next you’re sweltering under the summer… Read more »

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Reap the benefits of quiet with noise reducing shutters

September 07, 2018

Noise pollution can make even the sunniest of dispositions turn sour — children need naps, shift workers need quality sleep during the busiest parts of the day, and nobody likes to be disturbed by the sound of the neighbour’s lawn mower during their Sunday morning sleep-in.   Read more »

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Reduce light from outside with Block Out Shutters

September 03, 2018

Light can do an unwitting amount of damage. Like anything out of balance, exposure to too much light can have a negative effect on your lifestyle. Whether you need to protect your heirloom collectables from sun damage or defend your daytime sleep after a hectic night shift, our block out shutters… Read more »

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