Protect Your Home Contents from Sun Damage

By: West Coast Online / 14 June 2019

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Ultraviolet radiation can cost you a pretty penny. While we’re now savvy when it comes to protecting our skin from sun damage, it’s easy to forget that it has a negative effect on our furniture and home decor as well. For most of us, our homes are our most important asset. Not only is it a major investment, but it also keeps our loved ones and valuables safe. Here are some ways to maintain the balance between living life to the fullest and protecting your home and its contents from overexposure to Australia’s famous sun.

Tip 1: Don’t turn your home into a museum


Life is for living, and homes are made for the rough and tumble. Even in a house filled with the finest things, there is no need to live in it like its a museum. While taking care of your belongings is important to extend their lifespan, making use of them is important to extending yours! With a few slight tweaks to your habits, you can rest assured you’re getting the balance right in order to get the best of both worlds. Tips 2 and 3 help you do just that.


Tip 2: Invest in key pieces that stand the test of time


“Less is more,” as the saying goes. One of the best ways to prevent sun damage making a noticeable difference to your valuables, is to proactively and consistently invest in the best items you can afford. Being made from better quality materials automatically extends their lifespan and ensures they’re more resistant to sun damage or fading than their cheaper quality counterparts. They’re also more likely to grow in value over time, which means you’re adding to your family’s collection of heirlooms.


Tip 3: Install roller shutters


The most definitive way to protect your heirlooms and other property is by installing roller shutters. They protect furniture from sun damage by blocking out up to 100% of the light, and also help you keep variations in room temperature in check. They’ll also help you secure your valuables against theft, for that matter. This one simple change to your home leaves you with peace of mind, whether you’re often home or needing to leave your home unattended for long periods of time.


Want to learn more about the finer details? Chat to us about how roller shutters can help keep the heat off your heirlooms and so much more. We know that one of the things you might use your rolled down shutters for, is to pretend no-one’s home when pesky salespeople come knocking — that’s why we promise to help you install your shutters, not give you cause to use them. Contact us at your convenience, and we’d be happy to help you keep unwanted sun (and attention) at bay.

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