Protecting Your Baby's Naptime

By: West Coast Online / 23 May 2019

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If you’re caring for young children, you know how a disrupted nap can cause havoc with their moods and your evening. Good-quality naptime for babies and children needs to be so well-protected, you’d be forgiven for thinking naps are holy. With noise reducing shutters, you can ensure that baby naps during the day, and you get the time you need to recharge. Here’s how they help you in more than the obvious ways:


Eliminate external light


Good-quality sleep is closely linked to your ability to sleep in darkness, no matter your age. Roller shutters are designed to eliminate nearly 100% of external light — this means you’re left to choose the light levels that suit your and your child’s needs. Whether it’s a nightlight or total darkness, having roller shutters installed puts the decision about how to manage the room’s light back into your hands, even in the middle of the day.


Keep baby safe while your back’s turned


Roller shutters are excellent at deterring crime. When you’re protecting baby, it pays to do everything you can to make your home the least viable target of those casual break-ins that seem the plague of every city. On the brightside, you’ll also be more comfortable knowing you can safely leave baby sleeping in one room, while you attend to tasks elsewhere in the house.   


Reduce noise


Sudden loud noises, persistent traffic, inconsiderate neighbours… When you’re protecting the peace and quiet of a regular naptime, ambient noise is one element that’s hard to control. While curtains or blinds help with light reduction, the true benefit of roller shutters lies in the benefits they collectively offer. And when you’re hoping your child sleeps deeply in the afternoon, achieving near silence is key. Roller shutters can help you with this too. They significantly reduce external noise, so your baby gets peaceful sleep, even in the busy city.


Revert to ritual and routine


We’ve been using rituals and routines as tools to feel safe and connected since time immemorial. And when you’re a baby, there’s nothing more comforting than a routine. Keeping naptime regular with clear signals can be the difference between making it a highlight or a chore. You could even make the process of rolling down the shutters a fun game.


We’re a family business that respects the sanctity of naptime. Because we don’t know when that is, you’ll never find us banging down your door like salespeople as persistent as a pre-nap toddler after a sweet. Contact us when everyone is well-rested, and we’d be happy to share all the additional benefits of roller shutters with you. We’ll see to it that all your questions are answered and join you in guarding that all important afternoon R&R.    

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