Smart Home Technology That Doesn’t Cost the (h)Earth

By: West Coast Online / 15 September 2019



Accessing the futuristic benefits of the latest technology can seem too expensive to consider seriously. One of these is the smart home ecosystem. But before you get carried away with ideas that seem way out of reach, we thought we’d share key ways cost-effective smart home technology can help you keep safe and secure at home. These are the three ways you can begin to increase your quality of life, the smart way:


Start small and work systematically

There’s no need to be fully kitted out overnight. Build smart elements into your home systematically, and start with the small things first. After all, there’s no guarantee you’ll enjoy a fully automated home; so like dating before marriage, starting with little changes is a great way to have a taste before getting totally committed. And, keeping the increasing concerns around crime in mind, starting with smart home security seems a sensible way to go. Think about the little things that make a big difference, like a smart home light for your hallway that you can activate remotely to give the appearance you’re home when you’re actually not. It can literally be that simple.

Be open to change

Think of your smart home as a living thing. Your system’s design will change over time, and yes, tech does need upgrading every now and then. So when you’re keeping things cost-effective, it pays to consider two things. First, what do you use most frequently, and second, which of these are least likely to become outdated soon? Smart lights, dimmers and switches are a great example of this, but you could also branch out into smart locks for your doors, or smart security shutters for your windows. The latter are perhaps your most cost-effective starting point, because they’re multi-purpose with delightfully simple smart technology, necessitating fewer upgrades than with more complex modifications.

Prioritise security of entrances and exits

You’ve probably noticed the focus on doors, lights and windows. This is no accident, and your security plan around these elements shouldn’t be either! The most common way burglars gain entry is through open and unlocked doors and windows — and lights are one of the simplest ways to make it tough for them. Motion sensor lights deter burglars scouting from the outside, but if they’ve made it all the way to the door, an internal light will help give the impression you’re home. A smart light can be activated remotely — much like smart security shutters, which are perfect theft deterrents for your extended stays away. And to give your doors a little extra (low-cost) boost, consider installing smart home doorbells that let you know who’s knocking.

With these simple additions, there’s no need to move to a smaller place to afford a smart home! For instance, you could increase your quality of life immediately by installing multipurpose roller shutters that come with a remote control. Chat to us about how shutters can help with more than just the smart home revolution. We’re not those pushy salespeople you need to pretend you’re NOT home for — reach out when you’re ready and we’ll answer your security shutter questions with a free, no-obligation quote.

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