So you've been broken into, what now?

By: West Coast Online / 15 September 2019



Having your home burgled is one of life’s more unsettling experiences. Ideally, it's the one you’ll never have to experience; but if you find yourself caught unawares, these 4 practical steps will help you work your way out of the crisis-zone:


1. Leave things untouched

Until the police and insurers have been and gone, you’ll need to hang tight and disturb as little as possible. Locate your pets, and if you suspect the intruder is still in the house, leave immediately! Resist the urge to play the hero, rather go to a trusted neighbour or your nearest police station.


2. Call law enforcement

After the immediate shock has worn off (TIP: sugar water works great!), call in law enforcement and open a case. They’ll document the crime scene and give you what you need for the next stage — claiming from insurance.

3. Get compensated

Begin compiling a list of all missing and damaged items, and call your insurance company. You’ll be able to update your claims if you make a late discovery, but the more detailed your list, the quicker you can be reimbursed and restore your life to normal.

4. Improve security

Burglars often target the same house multiple times — they know you’re likely to replace lost items, and they already know the layout of your home. Improve your security immediately — change the locks, upgrade your plan if you have one and install roller shutters for added protection.  

Think like a burglar. Windows are the quickest, most common ways thieves gain entry to your home. Installing security shutters provides 100% coverage of your home’s weakest points and you can have the job done within a day or two. Half Price Shutters are a family business that’s helped keep Perth homes secure for more than 20 years — we put your safety first. We’ll respond immediately to help you fix the breach in security, and follow up with a full maintenance service that keeps them in top condition.


Get covered soon — contact us today for a free, no-obligations quote. We won’t disturb you uninvited, we know that some door-to-door salespeople can be so pushy you’re left feeling like your space has been invaded for a second-time. Speak to us when you’re ready.


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