Stay Snug as a Bug With Roller Shutters

By: West Coast Online / 14 June 2019

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Global warming, El Niño, the luck of the draw… While others are splitting hairs about the reasons behind it, chances are you’re on the ground dealing with the hard fall-out of Western Australia’s winter storms. We know that our coastal storms are unmatched in their ferocity, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to supplying you with roller shutters that can be your steadfast ally against the worst of the weather. These are some of the ways they help you carry on with life as usual while the storm rages outside:


Rest assured your home is safe from physical damage


Windows are often your home’s weakest structural point. If anything is going to break, it will be around there. That’s why we’ve designed our roller shutters to fit securely over the whole window, and added in a special autolock feature that ensures they stay closed. With your roller shutters rolled down, you’ll be protected from the dangers of shattered windows. You could also leave your home unattended, confident that you’ll be spared returning to a cataclysm that leaves you picking up the pieces (of broken glass) and mopping up the mess as the rains come pouring in.


Carry on with life as usual


With the storm shutters down, you’re free to carry on as if very little has changed — even if you’re living on the coast. Now there’s no need to cancel your weekly games, movie night or the kids’ homework session. Your roller shutters will help protect you from the noise of the rattling windows, and shield you from those inconvenient flashes of lighting. With storm shutters on your side, feeling like you’re living in a haunted house during freak storms becomes a design choice, not a necessity.    


Tuck in for the night (or day)


The best way to handle some of the scariest situations is simply to sleep through it. This is especially true if you’re caring for very young children. Knowing that your storm shutters keep out the worst of the light and sounds, you’ll be able to put the little ones to rest no matter what time of day the storm hits. This leaves them feeling safe, and you free to deal with the odd demands that come with surviving extreme weather. This benefit doesn’t only help the little ones though — we understand how important quality day time sleep is for those working long, irregular night shifts. With roller shutters installed you can rest assured you’ll never have a storm get in the way of putting your best foot forward when on the job.  


Our hurricane storm shutters help protect your peace and quiet, so you’ll even have the space to think on the reasons why you seem to be experiencing unseasonable storms (if that’s the sort of thing that keeps you entertained). Either way, with roller shutters, you can rest assured even the fiercest coastal storms will never get in the way of games night. And neither will a Half Price Shutters salesperson! We value family time as much as you do, so you can rest assured we’ll not be beating down your door like the freshest hail. When you’re ready to find out more, let us know, and we’ll gladly share the Half Price Shutters difference.



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