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Good Sleep is Amazing, Here's How to Make it Happen

December 05, 2018

  Without good sleep your health and productivity suffer so much that some universities are studying its use as a medicine. It can be difficult to attend to the many small things that ensure a peaceful night’s sleep — especially if you’re based at home and caring for children. These 4 tips make it… Read more »

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Living Without Light: Why Having The Choice Makes A Difference

November 23, 2018

Living in darkness isn’t only reserved for vampires — there are plenty of ways that having the choice to limit your exposure to light can expand your quality of life at home, without inspiring a desire to live off blood. Here are 4 ways having the choice to live without light can make every day… Read more »

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Come Home to Peace and Quiet at the End of a Long Day

November 16, 2018

  Knowing you’ll be coming home to peace and quiet makes even the most stressful working days tolerable. When you’re based in an urban centre, it’s even more important to invest time proactively into making your home your castle. No matter how big or small, here are 4 ways you can turn your home… Read more »

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Protecting Your Baby's Naptime

November 09, 2018

If you’re caring for young children, you know how a disrupted nap can cause havoc with their moods and your evening. Good-quality naptime for babies and children needs to be so well-protected, you’d be forgiven for thinking naps are holy. With noise reducing shutters, you can ensure that baby naps… Read more »

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How to Sleep Well During the Day

October 23, 2018

  Sleep is so important to our physical and mental health that multiple universities — including Stanford and the University of Western Australia — have research divisions dedicated to learning more about its medicinal potential.   Read more »

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Add Value to Your Home While Going About Your Daily Life

October 15, 2018

   Your home is your primary asset. Of course, this can only be ensured if you’re willing to invest a little elbow grease over time — regular maintenance will complement your strategic buying in the right area and ensure it doesn’t turn into a liability. We share tips on how to ensure your… Read more »

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Protect Your Home Contents from Sun Damage

October 09, 2018

  Ultraviolet radiation can cost you a pretty penny. While we’re now savvy when it comes to protecting our skin from sun damage, it’s easy to forget that it has a negative effect on our furniture and home decor as well. For most of us, our homes are our most important asset. Not only is it a major… Read more »

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Reduce light from outside with Block Out Shutters

September 03, 2018

Light can do an unwitting amount of damage. Like anything out of balance, exposure to too much light can have a negative effect on your lifestyle. Whether you need to protect your heirloom collectables from sun damage or defend your daytime sleep after a hectic night shift, our block out shutters… Read more »

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