The Hidden Zen of Security Shutters

By: West Coast Online / 8 August 2019

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Zen is a spiritual tradition that emphasises how profound simplicity is — and it’s famous for its folk stories. Here’s a variation on one that relates to security shutters:


A disgruntled teacher approached the Zen master Bankei, in 17th Century feudal Japan. He was unhappy because his students were deserting his classes in favour of Bankei’s lessons. In a temper, he accused Bankei of being unable to perform the kinds of complex miracles he could, and called him a charlatan. Bankei replied: “Perhaps you can perform these tricks, but that is not the way of Zen. My miracle is that when I eat, I eat and when I sleep, I sleep.”


It’s the same with roller shutters — when it comes to home security, you have plenty of complex options, but the steady presence of shutters outwits them any day. They may all look the same, but their simple appearance hides a complex function. When you invest in shutters, you reap more than just the security rewards:


  1. Full security coverage for your home’s most vulnerable points

    Statistics show that most burglars enter through unlocked windows.* Download our Burglar’s Guide to Burglar Proofing to learn more. 

  2. Storm protection

    Roller shutters protect your house from damage caused by shattered windows during fierce coastal storms.

  3. Fire Protection

    They’re CSIRO-rated to help protect your home contents from the radiant heat of bushfires.

  4. Cost-effective temperature control

    Storms and fires aside, you’ll save a packet on air conditioning, with the natural temperature regulation benefits of well-fitted shutters. 

  5. Lifestyle Assurance

    If you’re a shift worker, or like sleeping in on a Sunday, the noise and light reduction properties of roller shutters help guarantee you shut-eye when you want it.



See how these humble shutters pack a punch? It’s like they’re the object equivalent of Bankei — when they offer you savings and security that’s all they focus on doing, leaving unnecessary complexities aside. They’re especially great if you’re frequently away from home, as one simple investment offers protection from a range of threats.

They’re made to order and custom-fitted to your windows — now that’s a detail that makes sense! Contact us to chat about your requirements. We won’t stake you out like a sedentary kookaburra giving you the beady eye from a garden tree (like some creepy salespeople), and we won’t come knocking either. Reach out when you’re ready!


*Learn more about protecting your home from burglary and get an insider’s view of what thieves look for by downloading our Burglar’s Guide to Burglar Proofing.


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