Why Break-Ins Happen & What You Can Do To Stay Safe

By: West Coast Online / 8 August 2019

Why Break-Ins Happen & What You Can Do To Stay Safe

In 2016, Western Australia won the dubious title of being the country’s home invasion capital.1 While the shock may have worn off, burglaries are still an unfortunate reality in Perth today. The Local Crime Map displays an uncomfortable amount of red — colouring areas to represent a crime rate of roughly 7 crimes per 100 people — and burglaries are near the top of the list. In this post, we’ll dig into what burglars find tempting, and share what you can do to thwart them.    


When our property invites a game of Hide & Seek

There’s a lot to be said for living in a lush garden, but some landscaping can invite burglars in because they’ll be able to slip in unobserved. Hedges and bushes near windows provide good cover, and a tree planted too close to a balcony makes it easier for a determined thief to gain entry on the first floor. Consider some judicial trimming and pruning, and also installing motion sensor lights — any burglar attempting to gain entry at night would be illuminated when moving from one hiding place to another.   


When you’ve forgotten to pack your bike away

Perth may be embracing the cycling culture2, but that means thieves have easy pickings when we forget to secure our bikes. Leaving things like bikes and tools out while you’re in a different part of the property is a sure-fire way to invite opportunistic crime and potentially mark you as a target for a later break-in.  


If a casual sideways glance reveals your home is a treasure-chest

Leaving your valuables within sight of open windows or doors is as inviting to burglars as a yard strewn with bikes and tools. If your precious things are visible, they’re likely to break in for it, and once inside, anything that can be easily found is easy pickings. Store your jewellery and other valuables out of sight and in unlikely places for peace of mind. 


Leaving doors and windows open and unattended

A favourite entry point for burglars are unlocked doors3 and open windows. Even a closed window can be broken to gain access. Make it a little harder for would-be criminals — lock them while you’re out or in a different part of the house. It even pays to be wary of cold-callers, as some may be posing as reputable salespeople and using it as an opportunity to gain entry and have a good look around. 

Investing in a set of security, or roller shutters is one big step you could take towards peace of mind. With one purchase, you’ll protect your home by making it a tough target. While you’re out, your security shutters would be keeping your valuables out of sight, and protecting your home’s most vulnerable spots — its windows. Combined with some new habits, like packing the bikes away, you could rest assured thieves will pass you by. 


For more detailed tips on how to protect yourself against home invasions, download our Burglar’s Guide to Burglar Proofing. Or give us a call to chat about the full possibilities of security shutters. Unlike the usual pushy sales people, we prefer not to run the risk of being mistaken for thieves by selling door-to-door. Reach out when you’re ready, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, hassle-free.

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