Timber Plantation Shutters Perth

HPS WA Painted

  • 100% Poplar
  • 2-Pack polyurethane paint
  • 100% Organic & Renewable
  • True bespoke shutter brand

HPS WA Stained

  • 100% hand selected Basswood
  • 10 stain finishes
  • 100% Organic & Renewable
  • True bespoke shutter brand


It's whats on the inside that counts

HPS WA painted timber shutters are 100% Poplar, an even-grained timber measuring 540 on the Janka hardness scale. Often shutters sold as “Basswood” are Laminated Vener Lumbar, a thin Baswood veneer (30%) around laminated strips of other timbers. Always confirm a shutter is 100% timber species.

Not all paints are the same

HPS WA shutters are finished in quality 2-pack polyurethane paint, used in kitchens and high-end cabinetry. Other shutters may be painted with an inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint. HPS WA’s 2-pack paint has been developed to last with a flawless finish.

100% Organic and Renewable

HPS WA shutters are made from 100% timber, which is recyclable, biodegradable and requires less energy to produce than other inorganic materials. Our unique construction results in a more efficient yield from the tree.

Customisation equal to the imagination

Whatever the shape, size, colour, width or covering, Highprofile shutters can be cost-effectively custom ordered. In fact, HPS WA Shutters are the true bespoke shutter brand.


15 Years Structural – 5 Years Paint – 2 Years Stain – 5 Years Custom


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