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Shutters vs Curtains — What is the Best Option?

Many a homeowner has been faced with this question, and while curtains have always been the popular choice, modern shutter solutions offer so much more in terms of benefits. If one thinks about curtains, they certainly need to be kept clean, which invariably means taking them down for a weekend while they are dry cleaned, while shutters are designed not to collect dust and made from composite materials that require zero maintenance.

It’s Curtains for Curtains

While there will always be those who will stick with the fabric curtain, but for many, the benefits of shutters far outweigh any sentimental value that curtains might hold. Many interior designers are already referring to curtains as, “things of the past” and with much finer control over shading and lighting, coupled with the obvious design potential, shutters are fast taking the place of the traditional curtain as the most popular form of screening. Curtains have always suffered from an Achilles heel, which is the tracking system that might consist of strings and pulleys and can very easily get tangled, and the large expanse of fabric is a perfect collector of dust and grime, which will eventually be returned to the atmosphere in the room.

Exterior Shutters

The main objectives of any screening are light and privacy, which is why exterior shutters offer the homeowner a greater level of control over both these elements, and with a range of materials and finishes, your shutters can enhance the exterior appearance. Aside from the shading and screening, you also have a very high level of security, as roller shutters are virtually impenetrable, and any house breaker would simply look for an easier target.

Interior Improvements

Having exterior shutters eliminates the need for curtains, which after all, are a distraction from the room design concept, and by removing the interior screening, you have more room for ornaments and other items. Motorised units mean it is easy to raise or lower the shutters, until you find the perfect position, and with auto self-locking, you can never forget to lock the units.

Insulation Properties

Installing exterior roller shutters on all your windows will greatly reduce the level of exterior noise, and will also keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the hotter months. The saving in fuel bills alone makes roller shutters a wise choice and with the many other benefits, it isn’t difficult to understand why so many homeowners are turning to this innovative screening solution.

Professional Installation

The shutters would be made to measure and with expert installation teams, you can be assured of a top quality job. At Half Price Shutters, we pride ourselves in attention to detail, and are focused on customer satisfaction, so if you would like to see our range of screening solutions, contact us today and we’d be happy to help.

Exterior roller shutters offer the homeowner many benefits, and with customised solutions and a range of colours, you can really enhance the look of the property, while enjoying the many other advantages that roller shutters bring.

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