Commercial Roller Shutters Perth

Heavy Duty Commercial

Half Price Shutters provides the option of heavy gauge, non-insulated extruded roller shutters for commercial purposes. These shutters are ideal for shop fronts, entrances and kiosks as well as providing additional security to schools, sporting pavilions and storage areas.

Benefits of Commercial Roller Shutters Perth

  • Security
  • Temperature Control
  • Light Control
  • Noise Reduction
  • Storm and Wind Protection
  • Bushfire Protection

Sleek and Elegant Commercial

Our extruded roller shutters are sleek and elegant in design. Doorways, entrances and thoroughfares are left unobstructed when the shutter is rolled into its compact pelmet box.

The Half Price Shutters extruded shutter can span widths of up to 4.5m in a single shutter, with wider spans available with the addition of permanent or removable mullions.

The extruded roller shutter has a non-insulated, double wall slat with a thickness of 1.2mm for added strength. These slats slide into extruded aluminium tracks that are three times the strength and thickness of a conventional roller shutter. The tracks also provide a solid anchoring point to effectively lock the curtain into position for even more added strength and security.

Half Price Shutters extruded roller shutters can be either spring loaded or electric in operation. Upgrades to remotes, key switches and battery back up units are also available for the electric option.

Years of Installation Experience

Our specialist installers have many years of installation experience in the commercial shutter industry.