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Home Security, Ambience and Temperature Control in the Palm of Your Hand with the HPS NEO Link


Break and enters are no breaking news story. Sadly the statistics are on the rise with these Perth metro areas being the hardest hit;

Top 10 Perth Suburbs for Crime:

  • Armadale
  • Fremantle
  • Gosnells
  • Rockingham
  • Midland
  • Morley
  • Northbridge

If you bother to lock your house with a key, it makes even more sense to up the ante in home security with Half Price Shutters’ extensive range of window shutters and security shutters for Perth homes.

Holiday seasons and between 10am and 3pm (usually while people are at work or out and about) are the highest risk periods ie; thieves assuming nobody is home.   Imagine having the ability to control whether your security shutters and blinds are open or closed while you’re away from home. What would this mean?

How to Minimise Break-ins with HPS NEO Link

  • Close shutters and blinds so your home looks safely locked up
  • Reveal glimpses of light with shutters and blinds left partially open
  • Activate the remote controlled movement sporadically as a huge burglar deterrent

Added Security Benefits of HPS NEO Link

  • If you’re unsure whether you locked up, no need to turn around, just press a button and home or office is secured!
  • Shutters and roller blinds control insulation of your premises so you can prepare for your return home

HPS NEO Link Gives you Control of your Security and your Lifestyle

Just as you take control of your own safety and security while you’re on holidays, the same vigilance should be applied to your home when you’re away. So that you can truly relax on holidays, it’s reassuring to know that the best outdoor shutters and roller shutters can significantly increase your home security and deter a burglar from breaking into your home as you’re enjoying fun times with family and friends.

The ability to control your blinds automation so that it “looks” like you’re home even when you’re not, is a HUGE safety precaution that anybody can take! Price Shutters app integration means you can simply download and operate your home shutters and blinds from any location in the world.

Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home you can comfortably relax while you’re away on holiday (or even just away from home for a shorter period.) You can quickly have access to any or all of your blinds and shutters, scheduling specific times for operation (ie; sunrise or sunset) to optomise home security as well as your lifestyle.  Sleep ins and home ambience are all at the touch of your fingers!


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Burglar Proof Your Home

For great advice to secure your home, why not turn to the expert advice or professional thieves? We combine insights from self-confessed career criminals with some cost-effective tips to create a guide that:

  • Shares what thieves look for in an easy target
  • Shares creative ways to protect your home without sacrificing style
  • Comes with a safety checklist for those lock-up-&-go mornings