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How Secure Is Your Home?


Coming home after a long day should feel like the most welcoming thing in the world. For many people though, it can be wracked with anxiety as they wonder if they’ll have the pleasure of returning to a home that’s remained secure. The risk of burglaries, while you’re at work or on holiday, can take the shine out of even the brightest day! But the good news is: with a little thought and planning, your home can be secured, and become a tough target for any would-be burglar. 

Take this short quiz to see how secure your home really is, and gain tips on how to brush up on security if you find yourself falling short.

Rate your home security

Assign yourself a point for each question you answer with a yes. It’s as easy as that! 

  1. Do you keep your doors locked and windows closed?
    This simple habit, of locking your doors and closing unattended windows, is one of the best ways to prevent opportunistic theft.
  2. Do you have security shutters on your windows?
    Roller shutters come with an auto-lock feature. This means you’ll keep out all burglars, seeing as attempts to gain entry with an angle grinder is sure to draw too much attention!
  3. Are you on good terms with your neighbours?
    Fostering a strong neighbourly connection may mean you’ll have someone keeping an eye on the place while you’re out.
  4. Is your garden landscaped with security in mind?
    Award yourself a point if you don’t have large bushes next to your windows, as these are perfect hiding places for burglars. 
  5. Do you have an alarm system?
    Even the appearance of an alarm system turns burglars away from a home. Consider placing a membership sticker/sign in a visible place, even if you’re not ready to commit to an active subscription.
  6. Are your bicycles and tools often left outside?
    An unlocked shed, and a garden full of things, is especially prone to opportunistic thieving.
  7. Do you keep your valuables out of sight?
    Store jewellery and other valuables out of sight, and in unlikely places. This will discourage breaking and entering, and make it harder for criminals to find if they do arrive!
  8. Is your spare key kept in a hard-to-find, uncommon place?
    Under mats, in pot plants and mailboxes, are the first places burglars look for spare keys. If you must leave one out, put it in an unlikely place, somewhere only you would know about.
  9. Do you get a house-sitter when you go on holiday?
    Ensuring your house always has a human presence, is one of the best ways to deter break-ins. Investing in a house-sitter while you’re away overnight can end up saving you a lot of heartache!
  10. Are your lights and radio/TV on a timer when you’re out?
    If you’re out late, or away, convincingly simulating life in your empty house would deter anything but the most determined thief. Thankfully, these days, we have technology to help us.

What your score means:

0–3: We hate to break it to you, but you’re an easy target. It’s time to beef up your home security! Check out our Burglar’s Guide to Burglar Proofing for some low-cost tips to get you started!

4–5: You’re not quite an open house for thieves, but there’s still a lot you can do to ensure you’re a tougher target. The Burglar’s Guide to Burglar Proofing comes with tips gleaned from real-life thieves. Get the inside scoop!

6–7: Well done, your home security is better than average! Beef it up just a little bit more, to be rest assured you’re the toughest target a thief could find. The Burglar’s Guide to Burglar Proofing shares how. 

8–10: Congratulations! You’re secure against the average burglar! 

You may not need to beef up security any further, but you could max out on a good quality lifestyle with a set of expertly fitted security shutters. They’re great for security, but they’re also CSIRO-rated bushfire protection, and protect your windows (and sleep) during Perth’s fierce coastal storms. Contact us to chat about how they can help, with security and more.


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Burglar Proof Your Home

For great advice to secure your home, why not turn to the expert advice or professional thieves? We combine insights from self-confessed career criminals with some cost-effective tips to create a guide that:

  • Shares what thieves look for in an easy target
  • Shares creative ways to protect your home without sacrificing style
  • Comes with a safety checklist for those lock-up-&-go mornings