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Heating Up – Our Commitment to an Energy Efficient Future


As the world stage entertains the concept of climate control, Half Price
Shutters have already committed to an energy efficient future that doesn’t
compromise your comfort or productivity. 
This is our commitment to you and sustainability.

As the warmer summer months fast approach, you’ll remember the necessity
to make the required adjustments in your home, to keep the cool in and let the
heat out (as well as direct light where and when it’s needed).

Industry best practice has always been our standard, so our investment in
safe and sustainable manufacturing partners has kept us at the forefront of our

Regardless of sweeping environmental reforms worldwide, our manufacturing
facility had in place world class environmental health and safety standards certification,
which has translated to no forced price increases or downtime in production and
delivery to meet industry recognised changes.

Sustainable Manufacturing Industry Best Practice

  • With
    just one reputable and long-term Chinese supplier, savings on land, buildings
    and new machinery are passed on to our customers.  

  • Our
    supply chain offers superior worker benefits, including 100% workers’
    compensation coverage as well as superannuation. 

  • Manufacturing
    supplier wages are above average, with longer holidays and incentive schemes resulting
    in exceptional worker retention.

  • investment
    of 1.5 million Australian dollars in filtration and other environmental
    controls as well as environmental best practice for sanding and spray-painting
    using water filtration.  Output to the
    environment is performed with superior industrial filtration techniques.

  • Energy
    efficient compressors are housed in soundproof areas and booths are all water


  • Programme your blinds or shutters to open and close at the optimal time in the morning and eventing for light and heat control.

  • Shutters and roller blinds control insulation of your premises so you can prepare for your return home from work or extended stays.

  • HPS app integration means you can simply download and operate your home shutters and blinds from any location in the world.  Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home (Use logos) you can quickly have access to any or all of your blinds and shutters, scheduling specific times for operation (ie; sunrise or sunset) or weather conditions ie; storms and wind gusts.

A Safe and Sound Investment and 60 Months Interest Free

With Half
Price Shutters’ FIVE YEAR (almost double normal terms), interest-free, flexible
payment option plans, mean you can either gradually or fully insulate your home
as well as protect it from damaging storms in the cold weather.


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Burglar Proof Your Home

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